My Gallery 5

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My Gallery 5

My photo page is a perfect place to display photos of family, vacations, products, games, people, and more. On some photo pages, I have the option to add a title or brief description of each photo in the caption beneath it.

MISSION DAWN (2012) - Museum Tour Guide

Museum Tour Guide - Another Exhibit


Victim #4 of Sour Patch rampage

"I used to have a glorious beard ..."

My Mug Shot

Cirque du Soleil = ZARKANA (2012)

Clown Antoine

Final Make-up

Rehearsing at  Radio City Music Hall

Rehearsing "There goes the Man (from the Wheel)!"

Not so much arm! In Cirque, less is more.

NEWSDAY Shoot 10/06/2012

Would you get into a cab ...

... with THIS cabbie?

Not bad for an I.D. photo.

Final Make-up still in the chair